Alternate Paths is committed to encouraging and supporting couples  in mixed sexual orientation marriages and relationships.


Alternate Paths provides information, resources and stories that will support mixed orientation couples who have an ongoing commitment to nourishing and strengthening their relationships


What You'll Find On These Pages
Overview Of Mixed Orientation Marriages

A mixed-orientation marriage, or MOM for short, is a marriage between partners of differing sexual orientations. This website explores the MOM and how couples are making it work. Here is a quick video  from Dr. Joe Kort explaining MOMs.


We’ve collected books, websites, advice and other resources that our members have found helpful. There’s a lot of information out there to help you through this journey.


Our members tell their stories. Whether they are in an open marriage, monogamous or just have a story to tell about this path they’ve taken, you can almost always learn something as you read through these stories.


Join one of our support groups. You’ll find wonderfully supportive folks who are on the same journey as you and whose collective wisdom will help you through the day-to-day as well as your long term commitments.